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‘Safety Plus’ Program

Hygiene & Preventive Measures

Here at Fondavela, service and attention to detail towards our visitors has always been paramount. Today, that’s still our mission, with a new focus on safety and prevention under the ‘Safety Plus’ program.

For your safety you can download the complete protocol with all measures.

Safety Plus

At Fondavela throughout our history, we have always been characterized by our quality and by the attention to detail with our guests. Faced with this global pandemic, we want to strengthen our commitment to our guests and focus the level of attention and detail on new prevention and hygiene measures that will allow you to continue enjoying Monteverde in unique ways and always under all safety and prevention measures which we hope will make you feel just like home.

The prevention and hygiene measures under the ‘Safety Plus’ program have been redacted according to the elements with which the protocols must be followed to implement the sanitary guidelines established by the Costa Rican Ministry of Health, thus complying with all the prevention requirements and also adding additional measures to efficiently combat the pandemic caused by the COVID-19 disease. Below are some of our measures. However, to know in depth all the prevention and hygiene measures that we have in place in the hotel, you can download the complete protocol.

Guest Oriented Measures


All guests will have their temperature taken when arriving at the hotel.


Handwashing will be mandatory when guests arrive at our facilities; for this we have sink stations in the reception area.

Face Masks

The use of face masks for guests is mandatory on common spaces, like at our restaurant, Bar La Taberna, reception and others.

Cough & Sneezing

We ask our guests to follow the proper cough and sneeze protocols. As well as hand washing or the use of hand sanitizer available throughout the  hotel.

Disinfection Measures

General Disinfection

Cleaning measures are intensified with authorized grade products and emphasis is placed on disinfecting areas of frequent contact (toilets, chains, doorknobs, TV and AC controls, telephones, bed backrests, shower and sink faucets, furniture, rails , chairs, bathroom doors, etc.)

Cleaning Staff

Cleaning personnel must always carry personal protective equipment and each member will have their own cleaning kit duly labeled. In addition, each individual has to go through a complete disinfection area before entering the rooms.

In Your Room

Rooms will have alcohol dispensers or disinfectant paper towels so that guests can use and clean personal items such as cell phones, tablets, computers, cameras, whenever they like.

Upon Arrival

At the moment of receiving guests and their luggage, suitcases will be disinfected before being sent to the rooms. Likewise, guests must go through a disinfection station to wash their hands, disinfect shoes and get their temperature checked.

Distancing Measures


For the hotel capacity as well as the use of areas in general, we will maintain an occupancy level equal to or less than 50% of the capacity of people.


We ensure social distancing measures respecting the 1.8 meter distance between social bubbles in the different spaces as well as in all activities.

Pool & Hot Tubs

For the use of swimming pools and hot tubs they will be made by reservation; the time of use will be defined every day depending on the occupation.


In our restaurant the number of people allowed will be limited and the tables will be separated by at least 3 meters between them, 2 meters in the case of bar stools.

Internal Measures, Staff & Suppliers


Ensuring the health of staff is essential. All employees undergo a temperature check at the start of their shifts, also daily health status is monitored.


Staff is granted personal protective equipment which they must use at all times in the presence of guests, with other colleagues, providers, etc.


Suppliers must go through temperature checks, hand and shoe disinfection before entering the facilities, and the use of personal protective equipment is mandatory.

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