Hotel Fonda Vela - Costa Rica


Our goal is to promote a greater understanding of the environment.


Hotel Fonda Vela - Costa Rica
Hotel Fonda Vela - Costa Rica
Hotel Fonda Vela - Costa Rica
Hotel Fonda Vela - Costa Rica


The CST, regarded as the strictest and most demanding program in the world for verifying the sustainability of hotels and tour operators, awards from one to five “green leaves” to those establishments which participate in the program.

The hotel Fonda Vela has received two leaves in 2010. This rates us in the area of Monteverde as an upscale hotel including environmental conservation, education, training, luxury, community development and innovative building techniques.

We use environmentally friendly products from environmentally responsible manufacturers. For example, we use the ozone friendly R134 refrigerant.

Our roofing material is made from recycled plastic and looks great.

A twenty year reforestation project includes replanting local species of trees on our land.

We use solar panels for heating water in some of the buildings.

Our buildings are designed with natural lighting, warmth, privacy and views of nature.

We are very careful not to use wood that is rare, or that is important to species of birds or other animals.

Wastewater goes into a drainage system which is isolated from creeks and rivers.

Complimentary organic shampoo and conditioner are in every room. Your laundry is done with ecologically friendly detergents.

Many birds and other wildlife enjoy waters of our own private pond.

The Hotel maintains about 1.5 kilometers of trails in primary forest. These trails are especially attractive for bird watchers, and are full of pleasant surprises.

We collaborate with the annual "Audubon Christmas Bird Count", in which Monteverde always has one of the highest bird counts in the world.

Our property is open to biologists for research of the natural splendor which we wish to share with you.

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