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The staff of the Hotel Fonda Vela will be happy to help you identify and book the attractions and tours which most closely match your interests. Please inquire at the Reception Desk.


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The Monteverde Cloud Forest:

A private biological reserve dedicated to the conservation of the rare flora and fauna of this unique ecosystem. The reserve is 26,000 acres, and is an important link in the growing network of protected areas in Costa Rica. We are one of the closest hotels to the reserve. Guided tours at 7:30 am prior reservation needed. Transportation can be arranged.

The Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve:

This reserve is quiet and less traveled. It is located 3.5 miles away. It offers beautiful views of the Arenal Volcano on clear days. All proceeds go to the improvement of regional education. Reservations needed. Transportation can be arranged.

Horseback Riding:

A lovely way to see the area with a local guide riding trough forest and fields. Witness views of the Gulf of Nicoya. (Minimum two hours).

The Monteverde Cheese Factory:

Here they produce the tastiest cheeses in Costa Rica. The cheese making process can be witnessed through the observatory window. Tours available at 9:00 am & 2:00 pm, except Sunday.

Coffee Tour:

A three hour tour through a coffee plantation and its processing plant, as well as visiting the coffee roaster. Tours at 7.30 am,9.30 am,12.30md and 2.30 pm.

Trapiche Tour:

(Coffee & Sugar Cane)The old time process or extracting juice from sugar cane is one of the jibs that best represents Tico culture. Tours at 9:30 am and 2:30 pm.


At the women artist Co-op in Monteverde, you can find hand crafted souvenirs such as stationary, jewelry, and T-shirts decorated with the famous Quetzal. Open from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm. Sunday from 10.00 am to 4:00 pm.

The Butterfly Garden:

This is a study center and outdoor garden full of many stunning butterflies, including the Blue Morpho. Open from 9:00 am to 4.00 pm.

Frog Pond (Ranario):

At the Herpentarium you can admire over 20 species of frogs and other amphibians. Open from 9:00 am to 8:30 pm.

Walk on the Bridges:

Suspended bridges, platforms and paths within the forest that allow walking through the canopy tree tops. A life time experience.

Canopy Tours (Zip Lines):

The opportunity to ascend into the forest canopy using modified techniques which were previously done by canyon climbers. Provides an enjoyable adventure zipping from tree to tree. (Contact front desk for reservations)


After a hard day of hiking, treat your self with a relaxing massage therapy. Anytime of the day and done in your room with a special bed.

Ficus Trail:

Is a combination of primary and secondary forest, located right next to the Fonda Vela Hotel property, becomes a great spot to observe a large variety of birds, mammals and flora. Offering different tours. Night Tours starts at 5:30 pm. Birdwatching tour starts at 6:00am

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